The largest area of vineyards in the Czech Republic

The Pálava and the village Klentnice are parts of Mikulovská vinařská podoblast (Mikulov wine sub-region) with the largest vineyards in the Czech Republic. Wine grown in the Mikulov sub-region is characterized by a few factors, among which the most important are the local climate and subsoil of the vineyards. Grapes ripen under alternating influence of maritime and continental climate, when the humid and fresh air from the Atlantic Ocean slows down ripening and supports generation of aromatic and spicy substances. In the wine cellar Café Fara you can find a wide assortment of wines prepared by local wine growers and representing this large area rich in wine and wine growers.

Salla terrena

You can get to the old cellar through the vaulted salla terrena. Salla terrena is located on a terrain break between the vicarage yard and the garden. There is only one facade with large arched windows facing east, in the garden. In front of it there is a wooden terrace and an equestrian sculpture of St. George by René Vlasák, made of limestone. One of the most interesting things in the garden is a copy of Gothic sculpture of Madonna. It was found in the local vicarage.