Naše kavárna

Our café

Stylish non-smoking café in Klentnice is located near cycle path under the Pálavské hills. We offer delicious coffee, experience lounge Coffee Spirit, parish library, wine cellar, accommodation in newly established suites with original layout and furnishings, large terrace, playground for children. We hold popular concerts and interesting events from spring to autumn, upon the customer request we also organize wedding receptions and family celebrations. You can buy interesting souvenirs and gift vouchers here. We manage our café by our hearts, and your satisfaction and extraordinary experience are our priority.

Our coffee

Our coffee has a full, creamy body, very complex. Taste of hazelnuts dominates in the dry aroma. Our espresso is characterized by chocolate aroma, with taste of roasted peaches and lemon touch, with very spicy, long subsiding.

The mixture of the Arabica variety is certified as ORGANIC. In spite of the fact that the marking ORGANIC does not guarantee first-class quality of the product, in this case high quality goes hand in hand with organic farming. The mixture contains 3 varieties of the coffee: Brasil Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fatima – coffee of Icatu variety from Cerrado region; Etiopian Sidamo gr. 2 organic and Indian Arabica Organic Baalmadi Estate.

You can buy the Café Fara espresso mixture in packages of 250g and 1.5kg.

Naše kavárna