Castle of Dívčí hrady (Děvičky)

Ruins of formerly important and strong castle called Děvičky, Dívčí hrady, Maidberk (Maidenburg) are located west of the village Pavlov on a steep rock, inaccessible from three parts, about 1 km from Děvín, the highest hill of Pálava. For the first time the castle was mentioned in 1222 under s Slavonic name Dewiczky. Due to its strategic position the castle was kept in the country ownership. The structure, ruins of which continue to be a dominant of the east end of ridge of the Pavlovské hills, has the shape of a long irregular rectangle, approximately 65m long and approximately 20m wide, closed with a long castle wall. The castle was demolished by the Swedes after victorious battle of Jankov in 1645, when their garrison staying there plundered the castle and Pavlov and set them on fire.

It should be mentioned that there had never a watchtower been built there, although it was usually a part of the system of defence in most castles of the period. It means that defence of the castle in this restless region consisted in the very high and strong walls visible even now. There is a beautiful view of the Novomlýnské lakes and the surrounding landscape from the castle ruins.

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