Coffee museum

It is located in a house as old as the exhibited coffee makers.

Fate of the machines harmonize with patina of the wall of this house in Kletnice.

Reflects of the chrome stand out against the background of old coats of paint.

The exhibits are regularly arranged so that their beauty and strength will impress on you.

How many cups of coffee did each of them prepare?

Who was pleasured with its delicious drink?

Craftsmen with leather shoulder bags going to work in the morning, businessmen in suits and with ties relaxing after lunch,

old ladies smiling over black and white photographs, writers having their notebooks always with them or young ladies with beautiful lips...

Each of the coffee makers has its personality, and that is why they are exhibited separately, on individual bases.

All of the machines are proud veterans having much in common with veteran automobiles.

When walking among them, you will forget the present day, and through your imagination spiced with the Kletnice mood alchemists you will turn your steps in the 20th century.

Enter the corridor, go through the grocer’s with various goods, up to the exhibition rooms. You may start your trip through beautifully smelling history of coffee…

Here you may just taste our exhibition.